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Video interview with Bipin Shah, Managing Director and Publisher

The website, Not Just Publishing, recently featured a video interview of Bipin Shah, Mapin’s Managing Director and Publisher. In this candid interview Mr Shah reveals his personal journey from an engineer to publisher. This insightful interview reveals not only an entrepreneur’s vision but also several aspects of Indian publishing in the 1970s and ’80s.

The interview was conducted by Vinutha Mallya. A transcript is available for reading on the website.

How Mapin Publishing Put Indian Illustrated Books on the Map

Bipin Shah, Publisher of Mapin Publishing, recounts how he ventured into publishing illustrated books on India for the rest of the world—and built a global brand.

Ever since it was set up in 1983, Mapin Publishing has operated out of Ahmedabad — an industrial city in western India that was once known as “Manchester of the East” because of its textile mills. Many felt then that Ahmedabad was an unlikely location within India for a publishing house such as ours, but we have succeeded in bringing together the global and the local. Read the rest of this entry »

The Indian Invitation: Why India Makes a Perfect Publishing Partner

Ranked as the sixth-largest publishing industry in the world, India has its entire gamut of publishing activities and services available in-house. An annual output of 90,000 books, with 19,000 publishers publishing them, has put the book market in India in the spotlight over the last few years.

The combined advantage of being the third-largest publisher of books in English and having competitive rates for publishing and printing technologies has made India a formidable player in the international publishing scene. The industry has been boosted by an infusion of capital since the year 2000, when the government of India allowed 100% equity in the publishing industry. The result has been several new opportunities and challenges for the Indian publishing industry.

Read more of this post on Publishing Perspectives.

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